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We provide Skills and Trade programs, Academic up-grade, Resume writing, Employment resources & Counseling, Life Management Workshops and Seminars.


Our Skilled Trades & Technology programs are equipped to transform the lives of women by providing them with the necessary tools they require to work in their respective fields. The Skilled Trades stream offers pre-apprenticeship training in class and on the job for specific trades. It includes employability and workplace preparation to help women prepare for a predominantly male work environment as well as to make them aware of employer expectations. As a result of this initiative, women are better prepared for higher-paying employment in information technology and construction, and employers are able to choose from more skilled candidates. Our program welcomes anyone between the ages of 18 to 30.


A skilled trade is a career path that requires hands-on work and specialty knowledge. Skilled trades workers build and maintain infrastructure like our homes, schools, hospitals, roads, farms and parks. They keep industries running and perform many services we rely on every day. An apprenticeship is a pathway to a rewarding career in the trades. As an apprentice, you take classes and learn your trade by working under the direction of experienced workers – and get paid while you do it. Our program welcomes anyone between the ages of 16 to 29.

Apprenticeship offers you a chance to excel beyond what you think you can do
Uses cutting-edge technology
Earn while you learn a hands-on trade that will benefit you and your family
Opportunities are virtually unlimited
Transferable skills
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