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As a Black-led non-profit organization focused on holistic community
building, ELMC empowers youth, resources communities, and
encourages the pursuit of purpose.



Creating a landscape for diverse communities where people are
liberated, empowered, and driven to live out their God given purpose.



To become leaders in building and impacting communities in Canada
one youth and family at a time.

About us

ELMC is a grassroots, non-profit charitable organization which is committed to combat challenges faced by young people and identify opportunities to enhance their potential. Our mandate is to help both youth and families through our resources by providing Employment Opportunities, Recreational Activities, Poverty Reduction Strategies, Mutual Support, Education and Counselling. Our greatest passion is to transform lives while promoting Resilience, Diversity, Equity, Advocacy and sharing Personal success stories.

Emmanuel Life Management Center is a registered charity under the Canada Revenue Agency Act.

Our History

A group of concerned local citizens and university graduates in Brampton, Ontario conducted a research study in 2010 to find out the “Impact of community programs on youth high school dropout rate, youth crime rate, and drug abuse.” Through Statistics Canada; studies revealed that the youth crime rate was of great concern and a growing epidemic in communities, the unemployment rate was in a state of turmoil and drug abuse by young people was an alarming issue.

Emmanuel Life Management Center (ELMC) was officially established in 2011 to address the increasing challenges confronting youth in our communities and provide life management training to live a better life. The mission of ELMC is to arm our youth culture with the necessary resources and education needed to become productive citizens. Since its inception, ELMC has helped countless youth transform their lives for the better. ELMC has established community spaces for various workshops and programs to educate young people on how to break through barriers and become productive members of their communities.

Over the last four years, ELMC helped unemployed youths to write resumes, conducted career planning workshops, mock interviews, job search, and employment skill training. ELMC also assisted “Newcomer” youths with settling independently in their new communities. ELMC was successful in the introduction of transitional programs for young people and their families. Youths were able to transition into their schools and various work fields. ELMC also provided various help to newcomer youth completing legal applications and immigration documents. Recently ELMC was successful in strategizing a mentorship and leadership event and programs that allows young people to express themselves through their gifts and talents in leadership, music, performing arts and sports. Our events and programs are customarily designed to foster and nurture the life of each and every young person regardless of cultural differences, religion, social status, gender or race. We collaborate with community organizations, school boards, churches, law enforcement agencies, and government institutions to achieve uncommon favors and results.

ELMC Organizational Values

At ELMC, we center relationship-building, and welcome each person who walks through our doors wherever they are at. We prioritize problem-solving, answering questions, and meeting clients’ needs with patience, kindness, and care.

ELMC offers a judgment-free zone to everyone, across identities and experiences; we have zero tolerance for prejudice or bias in our space. Our passionate and dedicated team fosters a friendly environment where everyone in our community can feel at home.​​

At ELMC, we know that responding to the needs of our community goes far beyond addressing food insecurity. We believe that connecting people with the resources they need now — whether that be housing, financial, health, social, or legal — can be an empowering process on the road to liberation.

As a Black-led organization, we work to consistently and creatively address the issues that specifically impact Black youth, seniors, and families. We strive to support our community members to live into their full potential and dreams.

At ELMC, we lead with hope and possibility for the future. Our programs are designed to fill gaps and build bridges by centering strength, resilience, and creativity. We tap into learnings across generations to sustainably strengthen our organization and the diverse communities we serve.


“….I give because I am blessed with more than enough and because I want to make the world a better place.” -Michael Dobbin

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  • Please be advised that for transparency and accountability to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) all donations must be made to Emmanuel Life Management Center to receive a charitable receipt.
  • Your support ensures that people can access key information, opportunities, and resources, connect and support each other – from a distance! – and strengthen resilience.
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