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To relieve poverty by providing food and other basic supplies to persons of low income, by establishing, operating & maintaining shelters for the homeless, by providing counselling & other similar programs to relieve poverty.


Catering to those self identified as having low income, homeless and in need. Providing healthy foods, clothing, basic necessities and resources to fight hunger and poverty. Our program runs every Friday from 4pm-6pm.


To provide emergency, temporary or permanent transition of young people between the ages of 13 and 29 who are considered homeless or living independently of parents and/or caregivers, but do not have the means or ability to acquire a stable, safe or consistent residence.


Our Street Outreach Ministry provides mobile food hampers or cooked meals for homeless people and those at risk of homelessness, and covers all of Scarborough on a rotating basis. Support services include food, clothing, sleeping bags, housing and shelter referrals, health counselling and access to harm reduction services, local resources to help in restoring one’s livelihood.


To assist young women between the ages of 15-29 affected by abuse through counseling and treatment programs.

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